Linssa Wang

Factory Tours


Raysen music locates in zhengan International Guitar Industrial Park, Guizhou province, there are more than 30 companies manufacturing different kinds of guitars and relevant products in the park. The Guitar Industrial Park is one of the biggest guitar production base in China, about half of Chinese guitars come from here.


When touring the Raysen factory, you will get a firsthand look at our processes and instruments from raw wood or blank chassis form to finished guitar. What we hope to present for you is a unique view into not just our work but the people building guitars. The process of making a Raysen guitar is an art that involves design, redesign, and experimentation to produce instruments with outstanding tonal and playing characteristics.


Raysen is China leading supplier for guitars, ukuleles, steel tongue drum, handpan, as well as the wood parts and accessories. Raysen has 15,000 square meters standardize plant which locates in the International Guitar Industrial Park in Zheng-an, China. 遵義raysen楽器製造co. ltdは中国の大手メーカーのアコースティックギター、クラシックギター、ウクレレ。また、私たちはすべての種類のギターパーツとアクセサリー、を含む木材ギター/エレキギターハードウェアとプラスチック部品好きフレット、マシンヘッド、トラスロッド、ピック、ピックガード、ストラップボタン、弦、ナットとサドル、ブリッジピン...と木材部品好きギターネック、トップ木材、サイドとバック木材、ブリッジ、指板....と他のアフターマーケットアクセサリー好きターナー、ストラップ、バッグ、スタンド、加湿器、など。どんなにあなたが必要、raysenはあなたの最高のワントップサプライヤー!